IPPAN L1 Blockchain: An Open-Source Milestone Towards Technological Democratisation

We are thrilled to announce a significant milestone in our journey towards the democratisation of technology. On July 14th, our advanced IPPAN L1 blockchain, written in Erlang/Elixir, is transitioning to open source!

This strategic move signifies our commitment to transparency, community involvement, and fostering innovation within the blockchain ecosystem. As of version 0.4.0, our robust, high-performing IPPAN L1 blockchain will be available for every developer, coder, or tech enthusiast to study, modify, and enhance. This advancement aligns with our vision of making technology accessible and participative for all.

In addition, the IPPAN Wallet, currently compatible only with our blockchain (v.0.2.0), is set to become fully operational soon also with the newer and more advanced version. This will create a more integrated, user-friendly ecosystem that allows everyone to engage with our blockchain technology seamlessly. An iOS version of the Wallet is also on the way. Many more wallets and apps will certainly be soon developed by the fantastic Erlang community.

As proponents of open-source ethos, we believe that this transition is a game-changer in our journey. By opening up our codebase, we are not just sharing our technology; we are inviting global minds to join us in shaping the future of blockchain.

IPPAN L1 Blockchain is written in Erlang/Elixir.
It is highly scalable, multitoken, multichannel, post quantum, green and sustainable.
There is no pre-mining (that we consider highly unethical): Its native token IPN is generated equitably and transparently by a daily lottery reserved only to those users that were connected to the network in the previous 24h.
Applications: M2M micropayments, new architecture of the Internet, humanitarian microdonations.
Website of reference will be www.ippan.com

If you would like to contribute or to be involved in The IPPAN Foundation please contact us.

Download repository | GitHub


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